The Salute

Periodically an item makes the news regarding some human who on a very public stage refuses to stand for our National Anthem.

Recently it took light and life when a player in the National Felons League dba as the NFL, choose not to stand. A political statement.

Years ago we attended a POW/MIA service up at the NewLebanon legion.

On David’s arm at 2 and a half, was Catherine Rose. Post commander JVanHook had asked if would I sing the National Anthem.

An empty table is the focus of this ceremony. Salt on a plate for tears, lemon for the bitterness of loss and waiting. A rose to symbolize the heart.

The anthem sung. The colors presented, a salute of soldiers before the 21 gun.

While the soldiers raised their hand to brow and the civilians placed theirs over their hearts, a small touch from David caused me to turn my head.

Perfectly solemn my perfect little soldier had raised her right hand in mirrored imitation. What was already an emotional ceremony had the house brought down with NewLebanon’s own little John John. Not a dry eye in the place.

Now back to this no name ball player who won’t stand. If I were his coach, I’d bust his chops. But I am not.

I will say however democracy is very messy. And while I may not agree with this fool, I would defend to the death his right to do it.🇺🇸

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