The sky was pregnant with heat and when the storms finally came, the horizon exploded. First came the winds, blowing from the west, ripping early volunteers from the branches of trees.

In short order, came the branches. Rotten from the inside, out, they had clung to their dead limbs until the storm forced them; some swirling, some aimed like spears, to the ground.

Without warning the sky became dark at mid afternoon. The ground shook as the storm burst through the front that preceded it.

Precautions had been taken and the dogs at least had a couple of benedryl to calm them. It was impossible to force the same on the two cats, they hid anyway.

The pool, cleaned earlier in the day, ended up the recipient of buckets of leaves, some still attached to branches. Like torpedoes they spun towards the filter, into the drain. Those that could not fit, bounced against it, disappointed.

“Did you save the card”? “That was ten years ago, what the hell do you mean, did I save the card? It was a GIFT, to me. It didn’t say Merry Christmas to the atmosphere. Did I save the card…..” the response had a way now of dropping its voice, muttering at the end.

Finally, “nobody saved all of her correspondence but your mother, did I save the card”.

For the moment, the storm stopped. Silent, until the crickets began to sing again, the locusts in harmony. But for now, there were no words.

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IRead. ITeach. ILearn. IShare. Language is my LOVE. Rescuing, Training, Rehoming unwanted dogs is my PASSION. I love to write! Teaching people, children, animals all my soul. I especially love to learn from other people. I have many mentors and heroes.
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